chapter  2
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Take Care of Ourselves before We Take Care of Others

WithRonald G. Bercaw, Kurt A. Knoth, Susan T. Snedaker

While flying, we must have likely read the safety briefing card in the seat back in front of us which states place oxygen mask on ourself first before helping small children or those around us. While this is a universal truth when it comes to aviation safety, it's not quite the case when it comes to healthcare culture. Those who have dedicated their careers and lives to healthcare tend to always put the wellbeing of their patients above all else. There is no secret that nursing shortages are already being felt across North America. To be fair, the nursing shortage problem is multifaceted, and we cannot blame all nursing shortages on burnout. There are many factors that play into the current epidemic of physician burnout, including loss of autonomy as physicians join larger health systems and medical groups, the continued problem of too few physicians to meet ever increasing customer demand, as well as compensation issues.