chapter  2
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What does a clinical psychologist do?

WithLaura Golding, Judith Moss

Clinical psychologists apply the science of psychology to a range of clinical health care services. Clinical psychologists use the knowledge to design, implement and evaluate health care services that enhance well-being and minimise ill health and impairment. Clinical psychology is a relatively small profession, but the variety of work it involves is wide. In September 2018, there were 23,404 practitioner psychologists registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. Clinical psychologists need to demonstrate the willingness to be alongside people who may be very different from themselves and who may be extremely distressed. Clinical psychologists are primarily involved in working with people to reduce psychological distress and improve psychological well-being and functioning. A typical day will include both direct and indirect work in ensuring the emotional and psychological well-being of people affected by cancer is prioritised. There has been uncertainty about the future funding of clinical psychology training in England since the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review announcement in November 2015.