chapter  5
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Being a trainee

WithLaura Golding, Judith Moss

This chapter describes the main components of a clinical psychology training programme in the UK; and shows how trainees spend their time; how their progress and competence is measured; the best and most challenging aspects of training, and reflections and advice from past and current trainees. It discusses the main activities undertaken by trainees: clinical placements, attending university for teaching/lectures, research and coursework/exams. Trainees spend approximately 50% of their three-year training gaining direct clinical experience through work placements in a range of services. Trainees are required to keep an individual log or portfolio of their clinical skills development and professional competencies throughout the three years. Trainees are required to attend teaching at their university for a significant proportion of their time – usually one to two days per week in term time. All clinical psychology training programmes require trainees to complete coursework assignments, but the nature of these varies between different programmes.