chapter  6
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Starting out as a qualified clinical psychologist and career possibilities

WithLaura Golding, Judith Moss

This chapter describes what it is like to start a career as a qualified clinical psychologist. It explains some of the practicalities, what is positive about life post-qualification and what the challenges are. The chapter outlines a number of career pathways for clinical psychologists in order to illustrate the range and variety of working lives that are possible within the profession. Starting out as a clinical psychologist is exciting and daunting, possibly in equal measure. Some clinical psychologists who qualify in the UK go on to work in other countries; there are exciting and fulfilling careers and opportunities to make a different type of contribution to alleviating emotional distress and increasing well-being in people’s lives. Clinical psychologists contribute to the many global mental health projects around the world. Clinical psychology training equips newly qualified staff to apply for work in any clinical specialty.