chapter  3
Perceptions of corporate entrepreneurship
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This chapter describes respondents' understandings and perceptions of what an entrepreneur and entrepreneurial behaviour are, and the extent to which they perceive it as important to the business performance and sustainability of Fire Safety. The terms 'entrepreneur' and 'entrepreneurship' were sparsely used in daily life at Siemens Fire Safety at the time of people study. The effect of the size of the organisation on elements of entrepreneurial orientation can be one of the key challenges for fostering entrepreneurship in large, established organisations. Two specific programmes especially relevant for the entrepreneurial behaviour and activity within Siemens AG are the 3i programme and Top+ program. On the level of Siemens AG, endeavours in 'innovation', '3i', 'SMART growth', 'sustainability' and 'cost optimisation and financial excellence' are rewarded, with additional prizes for the 'best cluster' and the 'best business unit'.