chapter  7
Sustained inertia in corporate entrepreneuring
Pages 27

This chapter discusses that a pattern or configuration of critical, interdependent organisational and individual elements residing at multiple levels within the Siemens Fire Safety business unit mutually reinforce each other and sustain inertia in low levels of corporate entrepreneurship. Redressing such inertia thus entails initiatives that not only target isolated elements, but also recognise the recursive, mutually reinforcing relationships between key elements at individual and organisational levels. The chapter summarises both the challenges to and recommendations for managerial entrepreneurship arising from study in the context of Siemens Fire Safety. It draws attention to the false promise of universal best practices and the influence of 'embedded agency' on the form that managerial entrepreneurship and Corporate entrepreneurship (CE) initiatives may successfully take, highlights the context specificity of such endeavours. An important future direction in the scholarship of corporate entrepreneurship is to further foster collaborations.