chapter  3
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Review of one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA)

WithMoh H. Malek, Jared W. Coburn, William D. Marelich

This chapter provides a brief overview of ANOVA. The types of research questions one can answer with one-way ANOVA are related to examining mean differences among groups. The investigator also uses one-way repeated-measures ANOVA to determine if a dependent variable changes over time for a set of individuals. Prior to performing the formal analysis (i.e., ANOVA) it is important to make sure that the assumptions have been met. Typically, ANOVA is used when there are three or more groups as it is statistically inaccurate to perform multiple independent samples t-tests in place of ANOVA. It is also critical for the readers to remember that they should not perform multiple paired t-tests in place of one-way repeated-measures ANOVA without any adjustment to the alpha level.