chapter  I
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A high morbidity rate contributes to the high mortality rate. It is estimated that at least 30-40 percent of children under six years old suffer from some form of protein-calorie malnutrition. Mothers learn about child care in informal education classes what their daughters are learning more intensively in the school system. Children get a chance to mix in the state provided municipal schools, especially primary schools, while those whose parents can afford it scramble for high status private schools. Infant and child mortality account for a large amount of attrition in the early years of childhood. The child population up to six years of age is 120.21 million. The dominant demographic characteristic of India is its teeming population where the rate of expansion is overwhelming. India is largely a traditional society. Although inroads have been created through scientific and technological progress, value orientations are articulated by those of the dominant socio-religious group, which is Hindu.