chapter  X
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Future directions

The middle-class clerk in a government office, plodding away at a typewriter, wants higher education for his child so that he might become an executive in such an office; the tribal is concerned with procuring enough to eat and drink for his child. The nation desires a healthy and economically viable adult, and towards this goal can offer institutional services in health and education which, unfortunately, reach fewer children than they should or could. Since the preschool child is morbidity prone, health and nutrition are priority schemes; and, the nature of the interdependency of the child's needs implies an interdisciplinary and an intersectoral approach. The specific programs mentioned earlier indicate the preoccupation of both government and voluntary sectors with the normal child. The benefits of agricultural production are perceived by the layman as, "more food for each mouth at a cheaper rate," while family planning, touches the sensitive area of "God-given children.".