chapter  III
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Prevailing conceptions regarding the upbringing of the child

The professional cadre comprises specialists in the fields of paediatrics, psychology, nutrition, sociology, welfare and administration. Academicians are invited to provide the expertise. As such, professional groups within each of these fields have been vocal in their statements about the upbringing of the child. Parental concepts about the upbringing of the child in the context of the above structure and relationships, are known through major sociological and anthropological studies of small communities and small sample descriptions of ethnic groups. In the general framework of upbringing, broad conceptualizations may be posited, although when one examines small communities, descriptions clearly vary in their extensiveness and intensity. Conceptions about child upbringing are generally different for the sexes, especially among the orthodox. In urban areas exposed to change, conceptions regarding the child are less traditional. When conflict occurs, parents are apt to blame situational determinants.