chapter  VI
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Specific socialization settings and processes

The unpatterned variations of life style in India may be contrasted in their degrees of acculturation to modern living. The social patterns of crowded living, community drinking and gambling reinforce subsequent family disorganization. In a study on social change, childhood memories recalled by college students indicated scolding, beating, being forbidden to play, deprivation of privileges, and isolation as methods of punishment, used in that order. The child has several enduring systems of influence among which various discontinuities exist. Some discerning designers of town-planning complexes have incorporated play space so that children will have a common recreational area, which fosters a community spirit in adults through their children. There is some research about the effect of the constellation of family members on the development of the child. The preschool child has continuity of contact with older siblings. The preschooler helps his older brothers collect empty cigarette packets, soft drink bottle tops, or rubber balls to use in playing competitive games.