chapter  VII
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Administrators are usually college graduates, trained in administration or in business management, or are graduates promoted on merit within the system. As such, they are frequently generalists with little specialized training. A compulsory aspect of alleopathic medical training is block placement of the interns in rural areas for a period of three months. Evaluation indicates that in relation to the job responsibilities prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council the training programs are inadequate. A high proportion of the training was conducted with a minimum amount of experience, facilities, and guidance. Training courses for education and welfare of the young are of two distinctive types: preschool education, as separate from child welfare, and a mixture of the two in programs where education and welfare of the young are inextricably linked. Examples of the former are the specific Montessori and preprimary teaching training programs of voluntary and state education departments and the welfare training programs of the schools of social work.