chapter  IX
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Research related to the young child

British theories hold sway over sociological and anthropological research. Anthropological research is a fruitful favorite in India and is currently intensified because of socio-political emphasis on raising the standards of living of low-income scheduled castes and tribes. Anthropological research on the young child is embedded in village profiles and ethnographic studies of economic and socio-religious roles. Research on the development and behavior of the young child borrows from theories emanating from the West. Basic research from the social, psychological and economic fields generally supplies the foundations for planning and operation of intervention programs. Nutrition and health intervention programs are more satisfactorily researched. The Planning Commission of the Government of India has its own evaluation cell which conducts large-scale evaluations of government programs such as the Welfare Extension project. In view of the accelerated momentum given to population policy in India, studies in demography are crucia.