chapter  23
Ethical and Spiritual Concerns: Sexuality and Spirituality "A Wholistic Approach for the Living-Dying Client and the Partner"
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Dear God, Today on my journey, remind me that the persons I meet are Gifts from YOU to ME. They are wrapped-some loosely and some tightly enclosed. Some Gifts will open very easily, some may need

the help of others. Maybe it is because we are afraid, or have been hurt before and don't want to be hurt again. Maybe we were once opened and then discarded and now feel more like ''things'' than ''human persons." God, you have illled each of us with a goodness that is only ours. And yet sometimes we are afraid to look inside our wrappings. Maybe out of fear of disappointment or lack of trust of even our own inner contents. Or it may be that we have never really accepted the Gift that we are. Remind me this day, that every meeting and sharing of Persons is an EXCHANGE of our GIFTS. We are Gifts to Each Other! So let us journey this day celebrating our giftedness with those we meet.