chapter  26
Spirituality and Death Audiovisuals
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No Greater Gift explores issues of caregiving and counseling with reference to children, dying and death. Watching this film about two youngsters hospitalized with life-threatening disorders, we gain much insight into the real power of "simple" things, like friendship and sharing. Keith, on kidney dialysis awaiting a transplant, and Nick, hospitalized with a brain tumor, are both traumatized by their

One may wonder about the usefulness of this program for an audience of professionals, patients, or family members who have other concerns. For example, how does a dying individual deal with feelings of depression, loneliness and desperation? What caregiving techniques

This film stresses openness and involvement of all family members, especially the children, in such situations, and teaches in specific ways

Specially designed to enable children from preschool through early elementary grades to understand and begin to discuss these issues, The Death of a Friend can also be a useful learning tool for teachers, counselors, parents, parent organizations and others who work with young children. (16mm film and videocassette, color, 15 minutes, discussion guide. Sale, film, $320; videocassette, $280/rental, $32. New Dimension Films, 85895 Lorane Highway, Eugene, OR 97405; telephone 503-484-7125.)

videocassette, color, 54 minutes, 1986. Sale, film, $850; videocassette, all formats, $450/rental (film, 3/4" U-matic, or VHS) $60. University of California, Extension Media Center, 2176 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704; telephone 415-642-0460.)

Hospice started to become my passion. It represented to me the dignity of living as well as the dignity in dying. For me, death is a transition, a rebirth and God's loving wilL But how I would die was overwhelming for me to face. The knowledge that I could have hospice care set me totally free. I became so passionately involved that I couldn't even think or talk or become involved in or do anything except learn about hospice. From that day on the journey started, the hospice journey started.