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To Dr.— An Answer to his Queries, concerning the Colledg of Midwives 'A Scheme for the Foundation of a Royal Hospital’

To tbe King's mo/i excellent Majefty, the humble Prtpofal of Elizabeth Cellier,


T H A T , within'the Space of twenty Years laft paft, above Sixthoufand Women have died in Child-bed, more than Thirteenthoufand Children have been bom abortive, and above Fivethoufand cbryfome Infants have been buried, within the weekly

Bills ot Mortality; above two Thirds of which, amounting to Sixteen-thoufand"SouIs, have in all Probability perifhed, for Want of due Skill and Care, in thofe Women who praftife the Art of Midwifry.