chapter  17
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Managing the Research Partnership

WithAbby Day Peters

Relationships need care and attention. Funding partnerships can either grow or be allowed to wither away. The difference usually depends on how the researcher manages it. A good relationship makes for a more congenial research process in many cases, and will often make the difference between a good and bad evaluation, and the eagerness of the funder to work with the researcher again. There are three critical success factors for ensuring relationships precede positively: communication, communication and communication. A funding director at a foundation recalls a similar incident, with a research team hoping to conduct in-depth research on homeless teenagers. Ideally, every researcher has a personal, one-to-one relationship with someone inside the funding body who can support the research team through its vicissitudes. Relationships are about reciprocity – about spending time and effort giving and taking things of benefit, and seeking mutual benefits. A relationship means that there is an expectation of reciprocity.