chapter  20
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Writing Better, Writing Faster

WithAbby Day Peters

This chapter looks at how to hasten the writing process while maintaining quality and integrity. The best writing is always the simplest and the clearest. Writing with clarity means writing with purpose. Many people who experience ‘writer’s block’ are in fact experiencing a lack of clarity, which may lead to a lack of confidence about writing skills. Consider the reader as someone whose interest in readers work may only be peripheral, or who may be a student approaching the subject for the first time. Read people material carefully and ask themself whether writer readers will understand. Writing for publication not only satisfies the requirements of reader’s funders. It helps position themself in reader’s career. Techniques which correspond to clear writing include brevity, avoiding jargon, keeping language clear and simple, and always remembering people reader. This will enliven readers writing as they engage with the reader and seek to express, rather than impress.