chapter  21
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Publication Planning

WithAbby Day Peters

This chapter explains about developing, in Jane Hunt’s words, ‘the programme to do it’ by making the best use of the limited time available. The programme begins with focusing on reader’s specific purpose, which will help readers develop the right publishing strategy. The ideal time to create the plan is at the beginning of reader’s research. Try to do this in the planning of the project and build dissemination activities into the structure of reader’s research plan rather than give them passing reference as an afterthought at the end. Sending a paper to a high-demand journal with a rejection rate of 98 per cent is a rather discouraging way to start. Editors are respected within their institutions and their academic community and are, by definition, busy people. They are normally extremely active, time-pressured people constantly involved in teaching, researching, writing and editing. Beyond the technical points just described, it is important to understand the people involved.