chapter  9
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Primary Funders

WithAbby Day Peters

Most governments invest resources into the creation and management of knowledge, and into structures within which its constituents can learn. The kind of exploration is necessary to help refine a researcher’s funding strategy. This chapter focuses on the two main funders of research in the UK: Research Councils and charities. Public funders are publicly accountable and must therefore be sufficiently transparent to satisfy their stakeholders that they are using public money responsibly. The drama and trauma of working with large organisations is thereby underpinned by the need for public accountability. The need for accountability and transparency exists whether the programmes are in responsive or non-responsive mode. One of the most significant shifts in Research Council funding is its emphasis on collaboration. This implies collaboration amongst disciplines, institutions, governments, countries, and even the Councils themselves. Researchers may find the site useful for latest research news and for links to the Research Councils.