chapter  4
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The Revolutionary Philosopher

Just as William Booth's reaction to the poor of London was conditioned by the poverty he had seen in his youth in Nottingham, so also Karl Marx was first affected by the poverty he saw as a young man in Germany. In 1843 Marx moved from Germany to Paris where he met Engels during 1844. Engels was returning from a stay in England during which he had gathered the material for his book, The Conditions of the Working-Class in England in 1844. In 1849 Marx arrived in London, where he was to reside for the rest of his life. He knew about the economic situation in England before he lived there. He had already been influenced by Engels and by his writings. During the winter of 1857–58 Marx worked on the notebooks that are today known as the Grundrisse. Marx's view of the lumpenproletariat of Paris was rather similar to Booth's view of the London residuum in 1865.