chapter  3
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The Epistemological Realism of Theological Science

The primary purpose of this chapter is to examine Torrance’s appropriation of scientific realism as the repair of dualism in apprehending divine self-disclosure in Jesus Christ. We attempt to show that by advocating the importance of the scientific nature of theology, Torrance underscores the appropriateness of scientific inquiry as the human action of the normative pattern of revelation and mediation in mediating the knowledge of God in Christ. Thus, to set the backdrop of his arguments, we will begin with Torrance’s understanding of the realism of the Einsteinian-Polanyian science. Torrance’s postulation of theology as a valid discipline of science and the essentiality of scientific inquiry as the human action of theological science will be analysed. As Torrance’s approach could be described as critical realism,1 we will discuss the relation of objectivity and subjectivity in the process of inquiry. Finally, questions about the reasonableness of Torrance’s scientific approach will be touched on in the conclusion.