chapter  1
The Tiburtina in the Context of Editorial Concerns
Pages 28

The foundations of the Tiburtina's editorial history were laid by Ernst Sackur, who provided the first critical edition of the text in 1898. Certain biases in Sackur's seminal nineteenth-century edition of the Tiburtina have obscured evidence of the non-political concerns of its medieval readers. Although Sackur's editorial work has stood the test of time, the discovery of new manuscript evidence has led to revision of some of his findings. Before Ernst Sackur's critical edition of the Sibylla Tiburtina there had been some detailed debate both about the appearance of the original ancient text and the origins of its first medieval interpolation. In the medieval West, history was perceived along Christian lines: profane history unfolded within the context of the history of salvation and would hence come to an end with Judgement Day. There follows a detailed consideration of Sackur's editorial methods, followed by a critical appraisal of his approach.