chapter  4
Associated Content
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The associated content of Tiburtina manuscripts provides a tool with which people can gauge how medieval readers read the prophecy. This chapter primarily serves to present the patterns of association that can be observed in the body of extant manuscript. One of the means of obtaining a more comprehensive picture of the interests and concerns of the Tiburtina's audience between the mid-eleventh and fifteenth centuries is the analysis of texts brought together in the surviving manuscripts. A diverse range of material from the Sibylline Tradition can be found in roughly 10 per cent of the extant manuscripts. The fact that copies of monastic rules or tracts on how to conduct the liturgy are part of its textual environment demonstrates the circulation of the Tiburtina in a monastic milieu. Tiburtina manuscripts contain mainly devotional and didactic works. This type of material comprises several genres, such as passiones, vitae, and regulae.