chapter  Two
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The Resurrection of the Dead

On the terms of the von Balthasarian thesis, Barth's 1924 work The Resurrection of the Dead should be essentially a work of dialectical theology in which the otherness of God precludes any direct human knowledge of him. For Barth the revelation of God in the resurrection of Jesus Christ has at the same time both the most critical and the most positive function. In the light of resurrection revelation it can be seen that all things this side of the resurrection are of death, that is, of the dead and dying. This chapter examines Barth's The Resurrection of the Dead in an effort to draw out Barth's earlier thought on the resurrection and explicates the resurrection as that 'single material insight' which remains the focus and driving force of his discourse. The understanding of the priority of the resurrection for Paul opens up the question of the significance of the resurrection for the establishment of the Christian church.