chapter  Three
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The Resurrection as the Contemporaneity of Jesus Christ

This chapter focuses on the extended treatment of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Church Dogmatics. The specific context of Barth's resurrection discourse here is that of the doctrine of creation, and more pointedly, that of the conditions of the reality and being of the human in the created. George Hunsinger characterizes Barth's view of eternity as fitting neatly neither into the category of eternity as 'the abiding present of unitary consciousness' nor as 'the flowing present of successive instants', but rather as overlapping aspects of each while transcending both. Central to Barth's discussion of the resurrection in this context is an inquiry into the relation of the 'perfect time' of Christ and the time of every other human being. The Easter history is the starting-point for the Evangelists' portraits of the man Jesus. It is the real word with which they approached the outside world, whether Jewish or pagan, whenever they spoke of this man.