chapter  Four
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The Resurrection in CD IV as the Movement from Jesus Christ to Others

This chapter focuses on an explication of Barth's resurrection material in the fourth volume of the Church Dogmatics, for it is there that one find the latest and most complete development of his much earlier insights. It shows that Barth's resurrection discourse takes the form of a 'transitional' section which depicts the new and gracious act of God in raising Jesus from the dead. Barth's answer to the fundamental problem of the relation of God and human beings is not a philosophical one but a dogmatic one. Jesus Christ is Barth's primary and exclusive answer to the question of the relationship of God and the human creature. The chapter summarizes some of the complexity of Barth's understanding of the universal significance of the being and action of the God-man, Jesus Christ, in the work of the reconciliation of God and humankind.