chapter  Seven
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The Resurrection as the Presence and Promise of the Future

In Barth's discussion of 'The Promise of the Spirit' he comes once again to the question of the transition from the christological sphere in the narrower sense to the anthropological sphere. The primary theme which Barth develops in this regard is the revelation of the primal glory of Jesus Christ in his resurrection. Jesus Christ in his completed being and action is not content to remain enclosed within himself, concealed in the darkness of his crucifixion. According to Barth, Jesus' resurrection is the revelation of the glory of Jesus Christ in its rudimentary and essential form. Barth's development of the christological aspect of the doctrine of reconciliation undertakes to explicate 'the teleological determination of the being of man in Jesus Christ. The teleological determination of reconciled human being and action in Jesus Christ requires further explication in terms of the parousia of Jesus Christ. The radical newness of the resurrection demands the conformity of the world to this newness.