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A climate of change

Globalisation Since the 1970s the pace at which corporations have globalised - that is to say, have treated the world as their market place for designing, purchasing and manufacturing, as well as marketing and selling - has massively increased. We all expect large organi­ sations to operate globally - Sony, MacDonalds and VW are household names all over the world - but it is increasingly the case that much smaller companies with much more specialised reputations are going global too. In pharmaceuticals, for exam­ ple, it isn't only the giants like SmithKline Beecham, Glaxo Wellcome and Boehringer Ingelheim that are global. Comparatively small and specialised organisations like Lundbeck in Denmark and Amersham International of the UK are global players too. If such organisations are to succeed they have to adapt to diverse national and regional cultures.