chapter  5
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First world war

This campaign of course had a rather different conclusion in practice. The Revd Paul Bertie Bull, co-founder of the Community of the Resur-

rection at Mirfield, Yorkshire, a former chaplain to Sir John French's cavalry division in the Boer War and a virulent critic of pacifists and conscientious objectors, declared in a sermon entitled 'The Soldier's Sacrifice' (published in Peace and War: Notes of Sermons and Addresses in 1917):

This sentiment was, however, not confined to the Church of England. The most belligerent Free Churchman seems to have been William Robertson Nicholl, a friend of Lloyd George and editor of the leading nonconformist paper the British Weekly. His biographer T. H. Darlow, who is quoted by Mews, wrote of NicholFs response to the war, 'the proud highland blood in his veins leapt to meet the German menace. His whole faith broke out in fire for the crusade...his one absorbing care was to secure victory.'