chapter  17
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[279] The Year 605 [1208–1209]

WithD.S. Richards

This chapter deals with the events of the year 605 (1208-1209) in the lifetime of Ibn al-Athir. It gives an account of the Georgians’ taking of Arjish and then their withdrawal. Georgians with all their hosts marched to the province of Khilat and attacked the city of Arjish, which they took by force after a siege. They plundered all the money, goods and other things that it contained, and took captives and enslaved the population. The chapter gives a detailed account of the killing of Sanjar Shah and the accession of his son Mahmud. Sanjar Shah ibn Ghazi ibn Mawdud ibn Zanki ibn Aqsunqur, the lord of Jazirat Ibn ‘Umar and the cousin of Nur al-Din, lord of Mosul, was killed. He was slain by his son Ghazi. In killling him he followed a surprising method that indicated cunning and resourcefulness.