chapter  22
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[301] The Year 610 [1213–1214]

WithD.S. Richards

This chapter deals with the events of the year 610 (1213-1214) in the lifetime of Ibn al-Athir. It gives an account of the killing of Aydughmish. The caliph had previously dismissed Sulayman ibn Barjam from the leadership of his clan of the Iwa’i Turkomans and appointed his younger brother. Sulayman sent to Mankli to tell him what Aydughmish was doing. He continued on his way and then they seized and slew him, sending his head to Mankli. News of his death came to Baghdad and upset the caliph, who sent to Mankli, finding fault with what he had done. One of the miscellaneous events that occurred in the year was the death of Diya’ al-Din Ahmad ibn ‘Ali al-Baghdadi, the Ḥanbali lawyer and student of Ibn al-Manni.