chapter  24
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[306] The Year 612 [1215–1216]

WithD.S. Richards

In Jumada I of this year Mankli, lord of Hamadhan and Isfahan, was defeated, ran away and was killed. This came about as follows. He had made his territorial gains, as we have related, and he slew Aydughmish. He duly came and with him came the troops of Mosul, the Jazira districts and Aleppo. Large forces gathered together and set out for Hamadhan. When all the forces had gathered, Mankli retired before their advance and took refuge in the mountains. Mankli, after his defeat, went to Saveh, where the prefect in charge was a friend of his. He made contact with him, asking for permission to enter the town, which was granted. The prefect lodged him in his residence but later took away his weapons and intended to put him in irons and send him to Ighlamish.