chapter  25
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[313] The Year 613 [1216–1217]

WithD.S. Richards

In Jum-üd-ü II October 1216 al-zahir-Ghazi son of Saladin and ruler of Aleppo, Manbij and other Syrian territories, died. He was a strong ruler who kept control of all his affairs and collected large sums of money from the customary sources. When his sickness worsened, he named as the ruler to follow him a young son of his, called Muhammad. He was titled al-Aziz Ghiyath al-Din and was three years old. He turned his back on an older son, because the young one’s mother was the daughter of his uncle, al-Adil Abu Bakr ibn Ayyub, lord of Egypt, Damascus and other lands. After al-zahir passed away, Shihab al-Din ruled well over the people and exercised justice among them. He removed many current practices and gave back properties that had been taken from their owners. The education of the child he undertook in the best possible manner. He guarded his lands, and affairs proceeded with his excellent rule and his justice.