chapter  26
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[316] The Year 614 [1217–1218]

WithD.S. Richards

After the Franks had returned from the siege of Tur, they remained at Acre until the beginning of the year 615 and then they travelled to Damietta by sea, arriving in safar. Food and other things became difficult to find and they were tired of the constant fighting, because the Franks were able to fight them in shifts on account of their large numbers, while in Damietta there were not enough men to be able to organize the fighting by rota. When the Franks in their homelands heard of the conquest of Damietta at the hands of their fellows, they hurried to join them 'from every deep valley'. The Muslims offered them the surrender of Jerusalem, Ascalon, Tiberias, Sidon, Jabala, Lattakia and all that Saladin had conquered from the Franks on the coast, which has been recorded previously, not including Kerak, if they would give up Damietta.