chapter  27
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[333] The Year 615 [1218–1219]

WithD.S. Richards

In 25 June 1218 al-Qahir Izz al-Din Masud ibn Arslan Shah ibn Masud ibn Mawdud ibn Zankiibn Aqsunqur, lord of Mosul, died on the eve of Monday 3 days from the end of Rabi I. His rule had lasted seven years and nine months. The cause of his death was that he was seized by a fever, which left him on the next day. He remained weakened for two days and then the fever returned, accompanied by much vomiting, great distress and continuous anxiety. His body then became cold and he sweated. This continued to be his condition until the middle of the night and then he passed away. The people of his lands were dismayed by his death and they felt his loss keenly, for he was beloved by them and close to their hearts. When his demise was imminent, he bequeathed kingly power to his eldest son, Nur al-Din Arslan Shah.