chapter  31
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[406] The Year 619 [1222–1223]

WithD.S. Richards

This chapter deals with the events of the year 619 (1222-1223) in the lifetime of Ibn al-Athir. It gives an account of the irruption of a group of Qipjaq into Azerbayjan. A large group of Qipjaq gathered together, left their lands after the Tatars had overrun them and travelled to Darband Shirwan. The chapter also describes how the Georgians plundered Baylaqan. The Georgians marched from their territory into that of Arran and attacked the town of Baylaqan. The Muslims did not make great efforts to defend themselves, nor did they flee from them. After the Georgians had taken the town, they put the inhabitants to the sword and subjected them to slaughter and pillage worse than the Tatars had done earlier. One of the miscellaneous events of the year was the appearance of a large comet with a long thick tail in the sky in the east.