chapter  37
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[475] The Year 625 [1227–1228]

WithD.S. Richards

This chapter deals with the events of the year 625 (1227-1228) in the lifetime of Ibn al-Athir. It gives an account of dissension between Jalal al-Din and his brother. Ghiyath al-Din ibn Khwarazm Shah, the half-brother of Jalal al-Din by his father, became fearful of his brother. Several emirs were also afraid of him. Apprehensive, they wished to escape from him but they were unable to do so before the irruption of the Tatars. The chapter describes the hostilities between Jalal al-Din and the Tatars. During the year, the Tatars again made moves towards Rayy and there followed many battles between them and Jalal al-Din. Most of them went against him but in the end he was victorious. The year also saw many Franks coming from their lands, which are west of Sicily and the countries beyond it, to their possessions in Syria, Acre, Tyre and other places on the Syrian coast.