chapter  40
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[495] The Year 628 [1230–1231]

WithD.S. Richards

This chapter deals with the events of the year 628 (1230-1231) in the lifetime of Ibn al-Athir. It gives an account of the incursion of the Tatars into Azerbayjan and what they did. When the letters of the leader of the Isma‘ilis came to the Tatars, calling upon them to attack Jalal al-Din, a horde of them hastened to enter their lands, where they seized Rayy and Hamadhan and the territory between them. Then they invaded Azerbayjan, where they caused havoc, plundered and killed the inhabitants they captured. The chapter also gives an account of Jalal al-Din’s arrival at Amid, his defeat there and what befell him. He arrived at Khilat and heard that the Tatars were pursuing him, hard on his tracks, so he went to Ᾱmid. But a detachment of Tatars came, following his tracks. They fell on him at night in his position outside the city of Amid. He left, fleeing for his life.