chapter  3
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Valencia – The Northern Campaign

WithDamian Smith, Helena Buffery

[127] Now, we were hunting small game in our own kingdom, in Aragon, relaxing and at leisure. We were at Alcañiz,1 and with us were the master of the Hospital and Don Blasco de Alagón. Both came to us, on the roof of the building. While we were sunning ourselves and chatting, Hugh de Forcalquier, Master of the Hospital, began to speak, and said: “Lord, since God has guided you so well in the conquest of Majorca and those islands, might you and we not begin something over here, in this kingdom of Valencia, which has always stood before you as a frontier to your lineage,2 and which they have always struggled to conquer and never been able to gain? This is why, with God’s help, I think it would be a good idea to consider it, now that we are in your presence; for Don Blasco knows more about it than any other man in the world. So he ought to tell you which place in that land seems to him best fitted for you to begin your invasion, and we shall capture it.”