chapter  6
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The Reconquest of Murcia

WithDamian Smith, Helena Buffery

[378] And, later on, when we had completed the deed of the kingdom of Valencia and recovered what we had lost, we went to Aragon.1 And we had already heard that the king of Castile had fallen out with the king of Granada,2 and that the king of Granada had, for a long time, had recourse to the Moors on the other side of the sea; and that horsemen had crossed to his land, so that later they might recover all the land of the king of Castile and all that they had lost, because of us or any other man in the world, throughout the whole of al-Andalus. And the king of Castile, who was at Seville, when he found that out, defied the king of Granada.3 For a great company of horsemen had already crossed in secret.