chapter  7
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The Twilight Years

WithDamian Smith, Helena Buffery

[466] Having done that, we went to Tarazona,1 where, in four or five places, they forged gold coins, of ours and of the king of Castile. And when we were in Tarazona the matter of the money forged there was notorious.2 And we conducted an inquisition in two parts of the town, having them brought to our house under the power of a judge, who was called Master Humbert,3 and travelled with us, as well as one other, and these conducted the inquisition on them. And we said that when they had taken it down that they should show it to us. And they struggled a good four days without being able to find out anything about those coins. And we would come in from hunting and Master Humbert would say to us: “Sire, what do you want us to do? For we cannot find out anything of the truth about the money, either of who forged it or where it was forged.”