chapter  13
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Changes Introduced into the Anatomical Table of The Birth of Mankind between 1545 and 1552

The Table provided in 1545 by Thomas Raynalde to describe the anatomical figures was replaced in 1560 by one attributed to Nicholas Udall and others. Raynalde’s original Table appears in Appendix 9. Below is a list of minor changes introduced between the 1545 edition and that of 1552, produced through a line-byline comparison of the following copies:

1545 British Library C.54.b.4 STC (2nd edn) 21154 1552 Cambridge University Library Pet. G.4.36c STC (2nd edn) 21155

Such changes are noted by listing: the page and line number in the current edition where the piece of text occurs, with a period separating page number and line number (so, 15.8 indicates page 15, line 8); a brief quotation from that place in the text, putting in bold the word or words affected, followed by the symbol ]; the replacement text in bold. Since the current edition is a modern-spelling one, all spellings have been modernised to avoid a plethora of detail that would be irrelevant in this context. It might be noted that in 1545, ‘matrix’ is always spelled as ‘matrice’ or ‘matryce’, whereas in 1552, ‘matrix’ always appears.