chapter  5
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Al-Hlra: Some Notes on its Relations with ArabiaM.J. Kister

Altheim-Stiehl are probably right in their assumption. A signi­ficant record of Ibn Sa*id in his NaSwat al-tarab gives important details about the continuity of the Sassanid control of al-Madina after the Jewish domination had come to an end.Ibn Sa‘id reports that battles often took place between the two fighting groups (i.e. the Jews, Aws and Hazrag) 1 and no rule was imposed on them until ‘Amr b. al-Itnaba al-Hazragi entered the court of al-Nu'man b. al-Mundir, the king of al-Hira and was appointed by him (as king) on al-Madina 2.In another passage Ibn Sa‘id furnishes us with further details about this event. The author records that ‘Amr b. al-Itnaba was appointed by al-Nu‘man b. al-Mundir as king of al-Madina. The father of Hassan b. Tabit composed satirical verses about ‘Amr and said: "Alikni ild l-Nu'mani qawlan mahadtuhu: wa-fi l-nushi li-l-albdbi yawman dala'ilu Ba'atta ilayna ba'dana wa-hwa ahmaqun:fa-ya laytahxi min gayrina wa-hwa caqilu’"Convey from me to al-Nucman a word which[I said truthfullyfor in good advise minds will have some day [indicationsYou sent to us one from us-but he is a fool;Lo! Would that he were from an alien people [and be a wise man” 3.