chapter  16
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The Ka‘ba: Aspects of its Ritual Functions and Positionin Pre-Islamic and Early Islamic TimesUri Rubin

In Islamic times, the Hijr continued to function as a place of worship which henceforth was devoted exclusively to the Lord of the Kacba, i.e., to Allah. For Muhammad, this area served mainly as a place of prayer. 55 See Numbers, XXXII/16, 24, 36; / Samuel, XXIV/3; Zephaniah, II/6 . On the jidar cf. also Dozy, 80 fT. 56 For these terms see Wellhausen, 112 fT. 57 Fasi, II, 54. 58 Azraqi, 56; cIsami, I, 181; cAdawi, 29a.59 Ibn Habib, Muhabbar, 156-157. 60 Baladhuri, Ansdb, I, 469. 61 E.g., Ibn Hishara, I, 309-310; Waqidi, I, 120, 125; Ibn Sacd, IV, 199-201.