chapter  2
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King Lear and the Commitment to Education

Into the spring of 1974, Goodbody began work at The Other Place with the help of Jean Moore (Administrator) and Jill Frazier (Stage Manager). Together, these three women converted Saint-Denis’s tin shed into an adaptable performance space. Jean Moore recalled the ‘dreadful mess’ that they found, and the long hours they spent painting, wiring and laying the wooden floor. She also recalled the incredibly revolutionary feeling the three of them shared throughout the process. Theirs was a remarkably radical act, and how odd it must have seemed to some, the presence of these three women building a little theatre ‘down the road,’ but, simultaneously, within this great Company. Moore remembered that she, Goodbody and Frazier had a saying in those early days ‘“It’s like pushing boulders up-hill” – because it was.’1