chapter  7
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In the research framework of this investigation - presented in Chapter One - we presumed that sports have a growing impact on cities. In that vein of thought, an analysis of the opportunities to use sports as an instrument for city marketing seemed interesting to us. In the case studies of Barcelona, Helsinki, Manchester, Rotterdam and Turin (Chapters Two to Six), we have described the principal developments of sports and city marketing in these cities. Each of the cities can be characterised as sports-minded: Barcelona revitalised the city by means o f the 1992 Olympic Summer Games. Helsinki has hosted several sports events, including the World Ice-Hockey Championships in 1997, and was one of the candidates for organising the 2006 Winter Games. Manchester will be the host o f the Commonwealth Games in 2002, and Rotterdam was the Finals City of EURO 2000. The city of Turin has been designated to host the 2006 Olympic Winter Games.