chapter  24
Barrie Sheldon (2011), 'Camera Surveillance within the UK: Enhancing Public Safety or a Social Threat?', International Review of Law, Computers & Technology, 25, pp. 193-203.
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This act provides the opportunity for any member of the public to make an application to access infonnation that is held by a public authority. This applies to all kinds of information

Can CCTV surveillance be considered as an effective form of crime control? With the proliferation of surveillance cameras, what is tlle evidence to suggest that this intrusion does

In June 2003, a second phase of 'project laser' was launched, including a further 14 police forces (23 in total). More success followed and the results from the evaluation of the project evidenced how powerful ANPR could be for the future of policing. Clear links between motoring offences and crime were established, mirroring previous research and the evaluation report highlighted a number of investigative benefits for the police service. Not surprisingly, when ACPO published their ANPR strategy in 2005, the link between the roads and crime became the central feature within their strategic aim of 'Denying criminals the use of the roads'.32