chapter  8
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Rent Rhythm in the Flamenco of Urban Change

Gullberg 1991; 1997; Clark 1995a). Gullberg's (2001) monumental City: driJmmen om elt f!)1t hjiirta (City: the Dream of a New Hearl) provides an impressively broad and detailed history of these relations. What interests me in the following analysis is a very specific issue, one peculiarly neglected in the literature. The issue is: how does the interplay between differential rent I and differential rent II, initially analyzed by Marx and much elaborated upon in the 1970s and 1980s, stand in relation to rent gapS?4 Use of these esoteric terms is unfortunately necessary to formulate the issue briefly. The concepts will be explained in the following effort to show how they relate - to each other and to societal rhythms of the built environment.