chapter  10
33 Pages

Urban Planning and Women

ByAmbe J. Njoh

This chapter surmises the fact that real and potential impediments to the socio-economic advancement of women are largely unknown. It focuses on two sectors of the Cameroonian economy, namely housing and transportation. The chapter examines number of conceptual issues relating to the general area of women in development. It analyzes activities of the state and other relevant entities in the transport and housing sectors with particular attention to the implications of these activities for the socio-economic development of women in Cameroon. The rural population of Cameroon in particular and sub-Saharan African countries, in general, is predominantly female. A prominent feature of Cameroon's urban development policy is an attempt to standardize housing and urban design schemes throughout the country. The issue relates to women-specific mobility and housing problems. The chapter draws attention to the erroneous assumptions about the relationship between gender and economic growth that have traditionally informed models of development projects in sub-Saharan Africa.